Financial group SBI Holdings plans to hold first token sale in October

Oktober 10, 2020

The SBI wants to tokenize further assets in the future.

The planned “ Security Token Offering ” of the Japanese financial group SBI Holdings is slowly taking concrete shape

How Cointelegraph Japan on October 9, reported that SBI wants shares in its subsidiaries by way of token sales SBI e-Sports sell. With a security token offering, company shares are securitized in the form of a crypto token and thus resemble a digital security (security).

The related press release on Friday states that the STO will be held via the start-up Boostry’s blockchain platform ibet. SBI Securities, another subsidiary of SBI, will then carry out the token sale on October 30th.

The Bitcoin Benefit sees the Security Token Offerings, which are considered an innovative form of capital procurement for companies, as „future technology in finance“, which is why it wants to digitally securitise further assets in the future.

She wants to „tokenize“ real estate, works of art and intellectual property such as copyrights and trademarks

„Tokenization“, ie packaging in a digital crypto token, is possible for a wide range of assets, including stocks, bonds, funds, real estate and other valuables. The big advantage of tokenization is that the assets are easier to trade in digital form, and they can also be broken down into many small parts, which also enables small investors to invest proportionately in expensive assets. This is also interesting for the seller, as it opens up an even larger market for him.

Prior to the new plans SBI had 10% of the shares of Boostry secured . The startup is a cooperation between the Japanese investment group Nomura and its market research institute Nomura Research.